Yurina Kira went to study at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan in 1991 after working as an art illustrator for television.
Although her original major was in painting, she transferred to wall artwork using wood after being impressed by the architecture 
on a trip to southern Italy.
At the same time as holding exhibitions of her wall artwork, she also started to make arts and crafts.
She think that the appeal of jewelry as an accessory that can be worn comes from the sense of presence that it conveys, 
no matter what size it is, and from the ability that it has to give people a positive feeling, both visually and mentally.
It seems somehow more art to describe my work as tiny installations that improve feelings rather than as accessories.
To express her interest from this perspective, She has created the term “OBJEWELRY” which encapsulates the vague existence of a boundary between artistic objects and jewelry.
Since her return to Japan in 2004, her mirror wall art works were selected by the interior shop TIME AND STYLE and developed into products, and from 2008 she started to concentrate on producing brooches mainly made from wood and acrylic mirrors.
At present, she is active in producing both brooches and wall artwork under the name “KIRAYURINA”.